Family Projects

Our new Family Projects endeavor provides art activities that everyone can enjoy with supplies you may already have at home. Share your projects on social media with the hashtag #schweinfurthartcenter and we will reshare your work! Enjoy!

Sidewalk Chalk Challenge: Share a message of unity

Make your own chalk paint or sticks, then use it to create a public message of unity and inclusiveness on the sidewalk or street in front of your house. Our newest family project offers three ways to make chalk, and includes a handy guide for mixing your own colors. Then take pictures of your art and share them on social media with #schweinfurthartcenter so we can see it! Best for school-age children and up; younger kids will need adult assistance.

Download instructions here.
















Shibori T-shirt with RIT Dye

Use this simple dyeing technique to design your own t-shirt. You can start from scratch with a new shirt, repurpose an old item, or get creative with fabric around the house. You'll need RIT all-purpose dye- which can be ordered online or found at many local stores. Best for teens - adults. Can do with ages 8-10 with adult help and supervision.

Download these instructions to learn how.










Mosaic Vase

Turn a simple jar into a beautiful vase with this simple tutorial, then fill it with tissue paper flowers you make in our previous Family Project! It makes a great DIY gift for someone, too. Appropriate for all ages. Young children (3-5) might need adult assistance.

Download these instructions to learn how.






Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowersYou don't need a garden to present someone with a fistfull of flowers; you can make your own with tissue paper. Tissues can work, too! Add a few drops pf perfume, and they'll smell like the real thing. Appropriate for all ages. Young children (3-5) might need adult assistance.

Download these instructions to learn how.





Printing with Dandelions

Spring is finally here and the dandelions are in full bloom. Dandelions have many useful qualities from being edible to producing a  beautiful natural dye. Appropriate for all ages. Younger children (3-7) require adult supervision. 
Download these instructions to learn how to eco-print on paper and fabric with dandelion flowers.