Schweinfurth wins $250,000 state matching grant for new heating/air conditioning system


The Schweinfurth Art Center is pleased to announce that it was awarded a $249,616 matching grant by the New York State Council on the Arts to install a new heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system. This capital project award is an additional component of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) program that was announced Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018.

The total project will cost $550,00 and involves installing heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation on the second floor of the art center to expand program capacity. The space currently lacks ventilation, air conditioning and has inadequate heating, making it unusable for half the year. Improvements will make existing 2,000 square feet of gallery space and 3,000 square feet of classroom space available year-round.

The project also includes upgrading the original, 37-year-old HVAC system on the center’s main floor comprising the main galleries, offices, and gift shop. It will be replaced with an energy-efficient variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system with enhanced building controls.

“The addition of air conditioning and heating on the second floor has been a longstanding goal for the Art Center,” said Schweinfurth Executive Director Donna Lamb. “We have always had the luxury of great space, but we haven't been able to fully utilize it because the space was unusable during much of the year.

“The new HVAC system will allow us to expand programs by giving us year-round use of the gallery and classroom space,” she added. “It also is the first of several long-term projects to make the building more accessible and functional for the community.”

The center hopes to begin construction in the fall of 2019.